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There are two avenues you can take if you want to try online dating: Joining free dating sites or joining a paid service like A lot of people start out with free dating sites, but in my experience, the majority of them, if they are serious, eventually join a paid dating site.

Don’t get me wrong – It definitely is possible to have success using a free dating sites. But it just takes a lot more work. I’ve found that free dating sites are full of fake profiles or old profiles, so you simply have to contact hundreds of people to get decent results. I’ve seen new stories of people on free dating sites like okcupid who send flirts randomly to hundreds of people a day to get responses. I personally think this gets too mechanical and there must be a better way.

That “better way,” it turns out, for me is to join a paid dating site such as Having tried both free site and, I find that I get better results on Match, although I still need to contact a great deal of people to get responses. I find that people seem to put a bit more energy on, probably since they have to pay money to use the site. If you decide to join the site as well, make sure you start off with this coupon for a 3-day free trial.

To get the best results on or any dating site, for that matter, make sure you include lots of pictures. A while back, I read an article that indicated that sites with photos get something like 3 or 4 more responses. Photos are a must in this day and age in Internet dating.

I also think it’s important to keep an open mind. I wouldn’t rule people out too quickly and give them a chance. Contact anyone you even have the slightest interest in, since you never know who you’ll hit it off with. Go to for more tips on online dating.


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