Why using online printing services makes sense

You’ve designed a postcard, brochure, and business card, and you’re reading to get it printed. So which printing service should you hire? This is not a decision you should make lightly, since a botched printing job can cost you both time and money. But how can you judge which service will be the best one for you?

On the whole there are 3 things you must consider when selecting a printing service:

  1. Price
    It would be nice if we all had money to burn, but the reality is that most of us have limited funds to work with. I’ve found the most luck sticking to printing services in the mid-priced range. The cheaper printers sometimes do not deliver quality service, and the overpriced ones really don’t give you much additional value for the money.
  2. Speed of Service
    This can be very important, especially if you’re dealing with tight deadlines. Go with a service that issues some sort of guarantee. Many printing companies offer 1 day turnaround times and rush order processing. This is always a good option to look for when selecting a company.
  3. Quality
    Of course, the quality of the printing that’s done is a key factor as well. The best way to know the quality of work a printing service will perform is by getting a sample kit, and also placing a small order to ‘test’ the service out. You’d be surprised to discover that some well known companies don’t always produce quality printed materials. Also, be careful not to select a printing service just because it is cheap.

There are a handful of printing services I find excellent, and they are Uprinting, Printplace, and to some extent, Vistaprint. Your experience my vary, but overall, I have found these 3 services to be solid. I especially like using Printplace for their good brochure printing services.

You will note I only listed online printing services. That is because I consider them to be superior. Your work is generally delivered quicker because of the streamlining, such as the ability to upload artwork and view proofs over the Internet.

If you just don’t want to use a printing service, you’re not alone. Many people invest in high quality printers and buy discount ink from online ink stores, then proceed to print their own materials. If you do take this route, finding a good online ink store is key. For some recommendations, check out Inkjetprinterdiscounts.com.


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